In Art Management launches the In Art Academy project to offer young singers and directors the opportunity to actively follow online masterclasses on the Zoom platform with international stars from the world of Opera.

The unique feature of the program consists in the opportunity to interact with artists who have decades of professional experience in some of the most important opera houses in the world and at the same time the integration of classroom teaching with free training meetings in the field of Artistic Management, held weekly by Saverio Clemente, co-founder of In Art Management.

It will also be possible to attend individual lessons with some of the artists while during all courses there will occasionally be the presence of the agents of In Art Management.



The student can attend individual lessons with the following artists:

René Barbera
Francesco Meli
Eva Mei
Nino Machaidze
Alex Esposito
Carmela Remigio
Piero Pretti
Hui He
Test testo
Luca Salsi
Angela Meade

For booking individual masterclasses please fill out the form. You will be later contacted by In Art Academy for further details.